Prominvestbank ready for sale

Russian Vnesheconombank wants to sell Ukrainian subsidiary, Prominvestbank. Photo:

The Russian “Vnesheconombank” wants to sell Ukrainian subsidiary, Prominvestbank. Named three potential buyers.

About it reports “Economic truth”.

Negotiating the sale of Ukrainian “daughter” of Vnesheconombank (VEB) led with businessmen Nurusultan Arcalion and Sergey Throne. Alkalaev – Donetsk businessman, the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the fifth, sixth, and seventh convocations. In 2012 he was elected from the Party of regions (No. 52 in the list). Now holds the position of President of Federation of judo of Ukraine. Sergey Touch – business partner Alkalaeva. Was his assistant in the Parliament of the sixth and seventh convocations and served as Vice-President of the Kiev city Federation of Boxing. Also buy the Bank wants the former head of SBU Valery Khoroshkovsky and the Hungarian OTP Bank holding company.

Last week the Russian newspaper “Kommersant” reported that at the last stage there are 2 potential buyer (Khoroshkovsky and group Alkalaeva – Tronje). According to the Chairman of VNESHECONOMBANK Sergey Gor, TNA a very long time to come to a decision. The source claims that TNA never came out of the negotiations.

“Hungarians imposed on the agreement for very long. I know that two weeks ago TNA didn’t want to. But according to the latest information OTP is moving and it is possible that he will be the buyer,” – said the source publication.

Prominvestbank is one of the largest banks of Ukraine. Founded in 1992. As of 1 January 2017, its assets amounted to 34 billion. Its largest shareholder on June 30, 2016 remained the Russian state Vnesheconombank (Russia, 99,7%), which acquired the Bank in late 2008.

President Petro Poroshenko on 16 March, a decree was enacted decision of Council of national security and defense on the introduction of sanctions against Ukrainian subsidiaries of Russian banks for a year. In particular, including “savings Bank”, PJSC “Vs Bank”, Prominvestbank, VTB Bank and BM Bank. According to the Russian side, on March 27 signed a contract for the sale of 100% shares of the Ukrainian subsidiary Bank of Sberbank consortium of investors with participation of the Latvian “Norvik Bank”, controlled by Russian businessman Grigory Guselnikov and private companies from Belarus.