“Russian culture in France like soup and dumplings” – Violin

Oleh Skrypka spoke about the dominance of Russian propaganda in France. Photo: Press service

The leader of the band “Vopli Vidopliassova” Oleg Skrypka spoke about the dominance of Russian propaganda in France.

“I want the Shire to represent Ukraine in France. Make a series of festivals. Recently performed in Paris. There is the dominance of Russian culture and propaganda. The French believe that shows Pro-Russian TV. Who owns the media resource, that’s true. It’s like on the TV show “the Voice” – who is stronger shouts, and I hear, – said Oleg Skrypka.

When the French asked what you love from Russian culture? They are responsible – chansonnier Alexander Vertinsky, writers Anton Chekhov and Nikolai Gogol. You say that like the Russian dances in trousers. Food is dumplings and borscht.”

The band recorded a new March of the Ukrainian army. The author’s song “Rodilis mi Veliko Godin” in the words of the poet Oles Babiy. Since 1932, it was the anthem of the OUN. This song is in a stylized processing will be a new marching song for the Armed forces of Ukraine.

It worked, Oleg Skrypka, the leader of the group “REM Cry”, Taras Chubay, lead singer of “Tartak” Sashko polozhynsky, the leader of the group “Mandry” Serhiy Fomenko, Oleg mykhailuta with the “Tank on the square Cone” leader “Here Kozachko” Taras Kompanichenko Ivan and Lena from Kozak System. The text of the March the new Ukrainian army General staff approved.