Savchenko advised ex-prisoners to go to the police

The Chairman of the Nikolaev regional state administration Alexey Savchenko advised ex-prisoners to go to work in the National police.

He said this during a visit to the village of Vradievka.

During communication people complained to the Governor for his lack of work and money, to which he replied: “And you the police go, they have there a shortage of 40 per cent and the pay is good”.

The meeting was held in the Assembly hall of district administration.

Savchenko talked about decentralization, the local hospital, the condition of the roads in the area. Reminded about his “hot line”. In confirmation gave several examples of problem-solving, as well as acute issues of concern to residents.

In conclusion, Alexey Savchenko said: “Remember, the United territorial community is the future. There is a United territorial community – there is money to give them. Now it is a question of fact that territorial communities themselves formed his rates, built their hospital. Construction has already begun. Us will not break.”