Skotsyk called reform, which will lower the dollar “from the heavens”

Vitaliy Skotsyk: “Land law should provide the opportunity to develop entrepreneurship”

To provide a decent life for Ukrainians may high quality comprehensive land reform.

This was stated by the leader of the Agrarian party Vitaliy Skotsyk in an interview

“Very short-sighted view of the situation in the country. See walls, but we cannot see what they are worth – of the Foundation. See the trunk and branches, but forget that without roots it will all wither and collapse.

The land question is the Foundation for development of Ukraine. This is the root system that should nourish the economy. Land relations should be given the opportunity to develop entrepreneurship. So, the economy will grow and volumes of financing of defence. Will be available to agricultural products for residents of cities that now do not have time to follow the change of the price tags in stores. If you increase the export of finished products abroad, and the dollar “will descend from heaven.” Because the inflow of foreign currency will increase. Land reform will help to solve all acute problems,” said Skotsyk.

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