Skotsyk said, from whom to protect the earth

Vitaliy Skotsyk, told about the dangers of lifting the moratorium on land sales

The lifting of the moratorium on land sales will allow the oligarchs to buy up all of Ukraine.

This was stated by the leader of the Agrarian party Vitaliy Skotsyk in an interview

“From those (need to protect the earth. – who wants to steal the land, as in the 1990s stole the industry. A group of deputies appealed to the constitutional court, that he acknowledged the moratorium on the sale of land is illegal. In the coming months can make this dangerous decision. If you earn a free sale of land, it will be the last dance of the oligarchs on the bones of the state.

96 per cent of farmers have no funds to buy land… If you open up the market, the earth will find themselves in the pockets of a few tycoons, who are used to cash in on all they touch their hands. Those who are willing and able to work the land, will become hostages of these speculators. Now the people must unite to show its position. 80 percent of the people against the sale of land in the present circumstances, when the owner and the farmer does not have the funds,” said Skotsyk.

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