The expert said the rise in bills for gas

Gas from April 1, will rise more than twice. Photo:

Gas from April 1, will rise more than twice. About 72 UAH per month.

About it spoke on a press-conferences the chief of the “payment system gas: double the price?” Alexander Sergienko, Director of analytical research center “Institute of city”, an expert on tariff issues and housing problems.

“There are loud statements of officials. In particular, the Deputy Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko in the whole of Ukraine stated that this fee for transportation and distribution will not change anything. People like pay and will pay. NKREKP introduced the monthly fee for gas is 6,88 UAH. the cube people like to pay 6,00 UAH. Also for transportation and distribution of 0.88 UAH separately. This is the subscription fee.
In fact, all these words, that is a lie. Anyone who does not have counters, and there’s one gas stove, for example, will not put on a 4.4 cube per person, and 720 times more. Supposedly they have a counter of type G2,5 every hour passes 4 Cuba,” – said Sergienko.

The expert thought about how much a family with 2-3 people will pay for gas. The condition will be only a gas stove and no hot water.

“By the first of April pay 30 hryvnia per person per month, then pay less for gas at 26.4 UAH. But plus the fee, which will accrue through the meter G2,5 – is 46 UAH. It will amount UAH 72 per person. It will increase more than in 2 times. In a month will receive 645 million additional revenue on a monthly basis in the oblgaz. A year is UAH 7.7 bn. This is a rough estimate, how many from the population to remove from the pockets”.

From April 1, begins to operate fee for gas. The new system instead of the five components of price will be two – the cost of gas and cost recovery on its delivery and distribution to consumers.