Became known, when will begin shooting the sixth episode of “Terminator”

The film will begin shooting in March 2018. Photo: “Jackdaw”

American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has confirmed his participation in the new episode “Terminator”.

The film will begin shooting in March 2018, reports the Daily Mail.

Director of new episode will be James Cameron. He made up the story about the Terminator and removed the first 2 films in the series.

Schwarzenegger will play not a robot but a living person.

“Ask yourself why all the characters look and speak like Arnold. It has to be a reason. Right, it occurred to me that there must be a prototype,” said the Director.

Director James Cameron is planning to shoot three films about “the terminator”.

2019, the part of the rights to the franchise back to Cameron. Under his plan, Arnold Schwarzenegger will attract in the new film, but they will have a new main character.