Took two bricks and jumped down: a resident of the river the woman jumped off the roof

The woman committed suicide Photo: Facts – ICTV

The Dnipro woman committed suicide.

According to eyewitnesses, the woman 40-45 years old stripped to his underwear, took two bricks and jumped down.

Police confirmed the incident, but what she was wearing at the time of the jump on the woman, the press service did not specify. In Chechelovskoe the police station of the Dnieper opened criminal proceedings as regards 1 article 115 of the marked suicide.

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Other details of the incident and the reasons which prompted the woman to commit suicide — turns out.

6 August in Turku in Lviv region said goodbye to the 36-year-old Bogdan Bogdanovic. He was a volunteer and a veteran of the ATO. His call sign was “Maestro”. Committed suicide.