The expert described the most requested specialty in Ukraine

Salaries in many occupations have increased. Photo:Galas

In Ukraine, lack of IT specialists, sales managers, client managers, HR specialists, pharmacists, medical representatives, pharmacists. About it in the comments told Inna Novitskaya, owner of recruitment companies “Nova persona”.

“Very increased demand for HR specialists. Many organizations think that they need these workers. Not only involved in the selection. But corporate culture as a whole to reduce the staff turnover, the coefficient of volneanschi” – says Inna Novitskaya.

Also in demand for medical representatives, pharmacists, pharmacists.

“Outmigration occurred even among economists, accountants. Many people simply go abroad, go to work not in their sphere. A good accountant is now at a premium. They are passed from hand to hand. If before you open a position, comes 3-4 summary of the day. Now – silence. Agencies need to engage in the recruitment of specialists,” – said the owner of the company recruiting.

Customer managers offer the rate from 10 thousand UAH. The average salary – 20 thousand Medical representatives – from 20 thousand, pharmacists – 10 thousand depending on the region of the city.

“IT professionals salary depends on their professional level. Software developers earn 2 thousand dollars. Testers less. Sales managers – 10-15 thousand. It is a minimum. Depending on the scope. Many are interested in the percentage of sales, not the rate. Although it is in this field also increased. Three years ago it was 3-4 thousand. Now – from 5 thousand. Chief accountant – from 20 thousand. There are specialists who receive 10 thousand dollars. Depends on the size of the enterprise”, – said Inna Novitskaya.

Also in Ukraine, lack of metallurgy, mechanical engineers, miners, seamstresses, builders, workers for the restaurant business, the service sector. Shortage of staff due to the massive labour migration abroad.

For the year doubled the number of jobs in Ukraine. Unemployment decreased by 16%, according to the State employment service.