3-month-old baby’s mother was strangled with a pillow

The woman strangled 3-month-old daughter and wanted to commit suicide. Photo Styler

In Odessa, 28-year-old woman strangled his 3-month-old daughter with a pillow.

The police asked the 31-year-old child’s father who discovered the child’s body. About it reported in Department of communications of the police region.

“In one of the rooms of the apartment in which spouses live together, the police found the body of a dead child. The apartment was the child’s mother, which was immediately detained. During the interrogation, the woman explained that after giving birth she felt a moral exhaustion, it seemed to her that she was not caring for daughter. On that day, the woman woke up with the thought of killing her child, and in the evening he strangled her with a pillow,” it was reported.

Also law enforcement authorities established that on the eve the woman wanted to commit suicide and drank a large quantity of sleeping pills. But the medicine didn’t work.

Upon murder criminal proceedings.

22-year-old resident of the village of Podgornoye Liuboml district in Volhynia killed his 10-month-old baby and threw it into the well.