Nude Russian woman died leaning out of a car window on the move

At high speed, the woman got out of the car window wearing only his underwear

Half-naked Russian tourist while driving the car leaned out the window and collided with a road sign.

The tragedy happened on 10 October during a vacation in the Dominican Republic.

The victim of the accident was 35-year-old resident of the South Urals Natalia Borodina. At high speed, the woman leaned out the window of the vehicle wearing only his underwear. Driver filmed everything. Borodin showed indecent gestures, joking and laughing.

While driving the woman strongly hit a road sign on the upper part of the body. With serious injuries she was taken to the hospital of Santa Domingo, but saved they could not.

Later it became known that the deceased was working in the field of escort services. She has long lived in the Chelyabinsk region, and when he moved to Moscow and started to travel a lot.

On the night of 30 June in Izyum, Kharkiv region, the accident killed two girls who at the time of the accident were broadcast live to the social network Instagram.