Ukrainian doctors are not allowed to see Paul’s Mushroom

Ukrainian doctors wanted to see Paul Mushroom without the permission of Russia PHOTO:the Apostrophe

Ukrainian doctors were not allowed to Paul Mushroom, which is contained in the Krasnodar detention center in Russia. On this “Radio Liberty” said the medical member of the delegation – the surgeon Vasyl Prytula.

Two doctors, together with representatives from the Consulate arrived in the detention unit this morning, but they were not allowed to visit the detainee, referring to the absence of written permission.

“We have contacted the investigator, who investigates the case of Paul of the Fungus. He said he was busy. When will be released and to arrange a meeting, he also said. Then we wrote a complaint to the local leadership of the FSB – from the Consulate and physicians, the appeal to the local Prosecutor’s office, we were denied a meeting with Pavel Mushroom “, – said the doctor.

Paul the Mushroom has a severe congenital disease that requires daily treatment, failure to render aid could threaten his life.

The Ukrainian foreign Ministry made a demand to the Russian security forces to allow them to the guy in the period from 12 to 15 October, citing the decision of the European court of human rights.