West prevents Russia to turn Crimea into the Caucasus — Dzhepparov

3 years ago was kidnapped at the Crimean human rights activist’s son and nephew. Photo: social networks

To turn a peaceful Peninsula in the burning Caucasus, Russia has prevented the international community.

This was stated by the Crimea.The realities of the Crimean human rights activist , Abdureshit Dzhepparov.

“Three years ago, one day took my son and nephew, they still know nothing, – said the inconsolable father and two days later was hanged Crimean Tatar in Saki”.

In 2014 the initiative group drew attention of Russian President Vladimir Putin on mass abduction. He promised that “never will”. But missing for nearly two decades.

“The investigators we are calm, they say, that you so worry, – said Dzhepparov in the Caucasus people disappears more and more.”

According to human rights what is happening on the Peninsula, like “Caucasian scenario” — and there, and then grab people, kidnapped and killed. But there are people rendered armed resistance, fled to the mountains. The Crimean Tatars peaceful resistance, therefore, occupants are limited to pinpoint strikes.

“The North Caucasus is an internal territory of Russia, proceeding from the logic of the Russian leadership – do what I want. And in the Crimea the situation is different, we are all under the scrutiny of the international community, and to deploy a full-scale Caucasian scenario is problematic.”

With the beginning of the occupation of the Crimea Peninsula disappeared 19 activists. This was stated by the participants of the rally near the Russian Embassy in Kiev