Accidents in Kharkiv: drugs in the blood Zaitseva and another suspect

The examination confirmed that Elena Zaitseva took illegal drugs. Photo UNIAN

The thing about the massive accident on the street Sumskaya in Kharkov will give the court before the end of the year. The results of recent examinations, the investigators should obtain in the coming days.

Just six weeks to investigate the accident, which killed 6 people the police interviewed hundreds of witnesses and spent more than 4 dozen expert studies. One of them confirmed that Elena Zaitseva, the driver of the Lexus killer, still took the drug, incompatible with the machine control. This was stated by the Deputy head of GUNP in the Kharkiv region Sergey Chizh.

“Investigators conducted a large volume of investigative actions and expert examinations 40. Among them: it is judicial-medical, autotechnical, transport-traceological, comprehensive technical and phonoscopic expertise of the technical condition of the car Lexus and Volkswagen Tuareg. Regarding the participants of the accident conducted psychiatric, drug and chemical toxicology. According to the findings of a study in the body of the driver of the Lexus discovered substance, containing codeine,” added Siskin.

The question of allocation of materials in a separate proceeding in relation to the activities of the driving school, where the training took place the driver of the Lexus. In addition, materials sent to the office of the patrol police of the city of Kharkiv for the solution of a question on attraction to administrative responsibility of the driver of the car Opel Vivaro, which started near the VW Tuareg on a yellow traffic signal.

The police also reported that the relevant departments sent three orders to restore traffic lights and road signs that were damaged at the scene. At the same time to ensure road safety in KP “Signal” sent a letter on the revision of the operating mode traffic lights at the intersection of Mechnikov in Sumy and Kiev.

18 October at about 20:40 in Kharkiv Lexus running of the student 20-year-old Elena Zaitseva collided with the Volkswagen Touareg, which was ruled by the entrepreneur 49-year-old Gennady drones. From hitting the Lexus drove into a crowd of people who stood on the sidewalk and waited for the green light. Five people died on the spot. The sixth victim died in hospital a week later. Five others were seriously injured. Elena Zaitsev and Gennady Dronova at the time of investigation was taken into custody.