Men with guns and explosives attacked a market

Photo: Facebook Pavel Kazaryan

On the morning of December 7, in Nikolaev unknown made attempt to seize the clothing market ear.

About 20 people with weapons broke into the property market, broke the door, broke the window. It was carried out a few shots and stun grenades undermined. This was reported to the police.

To the place of profit militiamen. The attackers barricaded themselves in the administration, so law enforcement officers took the building by storm and arrested all the attackers.

On a place works operatively-an investigation team. Taken empty cartridge cases and a large number of weapons: hunting rifle, pistols.

At the Central market Poltava on the street Novobazarnaya did the shooting. The reason was the conflict between Gypsies and immigrants from the Caucasian republics. The latter demanded from the Roma money for the right to trade on the market.