MPs will revise the salary and will take up the budget (online)


At today’s plenary session the Verkhovna Rada in the second reading will consider the draft budget for 2018.

In the hall registered 333 MPs.

The draft budget will take after the changes in Budget and Tax codes, the draft decree on raising the salaries of MPs.

Consideration of the planned draft laws on diplomatic service and on the number of employees of the Prosecutor’s office. After this, the deputies will try to include in the agenda of the session a number of documents, including 6 of the bill to extend the moratorium on sale of agricultural land.

In the draft budget for the year 2018, the subsistence minimum on one person counting on the month set in the amount of 1700 UAH 1 January 2018. From 1 July it will be 1777 UAH, from December 1 – UAH 1853.