The dollar depreciates for the second consecutive day

The dollar fell by 6 kopecks, Euro – by 15. Photo: Finance Ministry

The national Bank of Ukraine on December 7, has established a dollar exchange rate at the level of 27.10 UAH. It is 6 kopeks less than yesterday.

The website of the NBU.

Euro fell by 15 kopeks Today is of 32.03 UAH.

The Russian ruble – 46 COP.

In exchange offices buy the dollar at UAH of 27.15 sell at 27,23 UAH.

For Euro offer 32,13 UAH. Sell 32,26 UAH.

Russian ruble 45 kopecks to buy and sell for 46 kopecks.

The weakening of the hryvnia in recent weeks was due to traditional seasonal factors, said Deputy Chairman of the national Bank Oleg Churiy.