“Crimea in vehicles do not sell!” – Putin’s statement on the return of the fleet

On 11 January, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia is ready to return from the occupied Crimea to Ukraine of its military equipment. Also he was not opposed to Ukrainian troops were present during the disposal of ammunition in the Crimea.

That day the President of Russia met with the Prime movers of Russian television.

“I take this opportunity to say: we are ready to continue this process: ready to transfer military ships of Ukraine, which Crimea is ready to pass aviation equipment, armored vehicles. But this is not our business, it is in this almost condition, and has been, over the years has not been serviced. There is still plenty of ammo, but he, according to our military experts, cannot be transported, it is dangerous, it must be disposed of on site. We are ready to invite Ukrainian military to take part in the disposal of these munitions,” said the President.

Before the annexation

Ukrainian Navy in the Crimea appeared in 1995, when he separated the black sea fleet of the USSR. It was 833 ships: 28 submarines, 2 anti-submarine cruisers, 6 missile cruisers, 20 destroyers and frigates, about 4 TFR and about 30 small missile ships and boats. About 70 vessels, 50 amphibious ships and boats, about 100 combat and support boats, the 410 units of naval aviation.

22 years ago Ukraine got 18.3 percent, and the rest went to Russia. Naval base in Izmail, Odessa, Ochakov, Kerch, Donuzlav and Balaklava bases and 10 naval aviation was transferred to the Ukrainian Navy. The Russians continued to deploy in the Crimea – leased naval base in Sevastopol and several military facilities in different parts of the Peninsula.

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The black sea fleet of the USSR in 1995

Fleet lived their lives until 2014. Some of the boats sawed in half, another part is sold. By March 2014, in Crimea there were 21 ship of the Ukrainian Navy and 50 auxiliary vessels. Stood at military bases in Sevastopol and Donuzlav lake. Was also part of the marine corps and coast guard, two airport.

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The Annexation Of The Crimea

During the annexation of the Peninsula, the Ukrainian ships were on military bases. But military units had not gone beyond the parts. In late March, the Russians began to seize the assault one after the other military objects of Ukraine. Not surrendered six ships, standing on the base on the lake Donuzlav. Ships “Konstantin Olshansky”, “Kirovograd”, “Cherkassy”, “Chernigov”, “Vinnitsa” came to water and some days I was on the lake, fleeing from Russian boats. However, none of them fire was not opened.

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In parallel, the special troops of the Russian Federation, stormed military units on land, and the coast guard in Feodosia, battalions of Marines in Kerch. During the assault of the 13th photogrammetric center of the Main Directorate of operational support of the Armed forces of Ukraine were shot dead at the post of warrant officer Sergei Kokurin’s business.

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March unarmed Ukrainian military airfield Belbek

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The Russian military threatened Ukrainian officer

In April-may 2014, Ukraine received ago 40 ships – most of it is auxiliary vessels and boats. Among them, a single warship with a full armament.

What remained in the Crimea

According to the Ukrainian military portal in the Crimea under supervision of invaders are:

– 11 warships and 7 auxiliary boats and ships

– 2 battalion kits of the BMP-2 and BTR-70 and BTR-80

– 7 battalions of artillery,

four mortar batteries,

– 5 battalions of antiaircraft complexes With-300,

– 4 division SAM “Buk”,

– MiG-29 and L-39,

– a variety of automotive equipment depots;

Warships remained 11: corvettes “Ternopil”, “Lutsk”, “Khmelnitskiy”, “Dnieper” sea trawlers “Chernigov” and “Cherkasy”, large landing ship “Konstantin Olshansky”, ship control “Slavutich”, a large underwater boat “Kiev”, artillery boat “Kherson” and anti-seal cutter “Theodosia”.

Also the Russians left 6 units of auxiliary fleet: “Kremenets”, “Dubno”, “Skvyra”, “Kalanchak”, “MUS-482” RAID boat “LCD 603”.

Aircraft Aircraft naval forces of Ukraine from the Peninsula flew almost all except 2 antisubmarine aircraft be-12. But they were not in flying condition – some fuselages.

Air force APU left 9 MiG-29, 3 combat training L-39М1 and 1 transport An-72.

Another big loss – 6 sets of coastal anti-ship missiles 4К51 “Frontier”, and a complex electronic reconnaissance “Kolchuga”.

State military property

The ships in 2014 began to use the Russians as a donor for the repair of ships of the Russian Federation. This was stated on 27 February 2017, the commander of the Navy APU Igor Voronchenko. So, with the Corvette “Ternopil” was filming repair parts small anti-submarine ship Yeisk, which is part of the 68th brigade of the Russian Navy.

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In March 2016, the Russians sent for scrap border guard ship of project 1241.2 “Igor Gnatenko”. He was a member of the Sevastopol Marine guard detachment of the State border service.

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Border patrol ship “Igor Gnatenko” attracted to Feodosia on disassembly

The reaction of the Navy of Ukraine

The Ukrainian military equipment remaining on site included the Crimea, is not “junk” as it is called in the Russian Federation. This was reported by the commander of the naval forces of Ukraine Igor Voronchenko.

“For the period of the annexation of the Crimea – 8 warships are on the move there was only one BDK “Olshansky”. There was in need of repair the main engines. That saying was “rubbish”- it’s not true,” he said.

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Voronchenko said that Crimea coast appliances – two battalions of infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers the same. They were ready for use, the APC demanded the repair of 15-20%. Also there were 7 battalions of artillery and 4 mortar batteries overall condition. The aircraft, which was able to operate, now located on the territory of Ukraine.

Raccia politicians

“With regard to the proposal of the aggressor and occupier Putin “the return of the ships and aircraft”. We, Ukrainians, after some time, will liberate the occupied East, return Crimea and Moscow will destroy the Empire. “Nuclear bit,” you bandits, will not help. It does not help and the USSR. You Kremlin orcs, left a bit. As for Ukrainians, however, and therefore God is with us,” said independent MP Dmitry Yarosh.

“This is one of the elements of the campaign and beyond. There are a lot of tasks, faced by Putin, including another humiliation of Ukraine with his hand. Supposedly, the territory of the mine, and rusty scrap metal can collect. Bandit, already feeling his vile soul to the inevitability of the international court of justice and the just punishment for his crimes, still can not stop in his attempts to humiliate Ukraine. And will end with the fact that simultaneously with the return of the Crimea, Russia will compensate Ukraine for the disastrous consequences of temporary occupation of the Crimea and unleashed in the East Ukraine war “, – the Chairman of the Majlis of the Crimean Tatar people Refat Chubarov.

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Vladimir Putin is doing to the Russian Crimea recognized

“Putin’s proposal to transfer military equipment from Crimea to Ukraine – a goodwill gesture to move a political settlement from the dead point. The President said that Russia is more interested in the fact that was implemented the Minsk agreement. The President is a supporter of that was completed the prisoner exchanges. And this is another goodwill gesture of political moods”, – the press-Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov.

“Russia wants to show: they say, look, even if such relations with Ukraine we are ready to give her the old Navy. What is loyal to the Russian government! Of course, the remaining ships in the Crimea was in good condition. But now there are doubts regarding this. In my opinion, it’s not even that they have to fix. The return of the ships from the Crimea can not only cost a pretty penny, but also to cause political losses. Yes, the Navy of Ukraine was very weak. We lost the lion’s share of our ships and support vessels. In fact, we build your fleet from scratch”, – the Deputy Director of the research Center for army, conversion and disarmament Anton Mikhnenko.

“Crimea in vehicles do not sell, rents do not change. Yes, that is our ships, stolen by Putin. Brought to an awful state, as well as the Crimea occupation. Everything it touches “Russian world”, is in disrepair. We will refund the Crimea and the entire Ukrainian property there, including ships. As the Donbass”- the first Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Irina Gerashchenko.

“Russian Jack-the-box. What happened? Why so suddenly, after almost 3,5 years of silence, there was a solution? I want to remind you that the process of transfer of ships and technology in 14-m has been stuck and delayed by “any sauce” the Russian side – from accounts payable and disposal of “stuff” before the start of the campaign in the East. Something’s not right? I don’t think this step will give the pros to Putin in the election campaign. His dividends are enough. And here we have the added headaches from not imminent “14-th” process of reception-transmission to import substitution in the case of a decision on restoration of technical readiness. And what about the claims in international institutions?”, – the commander of the Ukrainian Navy in 2014 and 2016 Sergei Hayduk.

Reaction of social networks

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Putin’s proposal on our technique in the Crimea looks like.
Neighbor bandit-alcoholic overcomes the apartment, bring things to the present owner to unhygienic condition and a few years said: a Gesture of goodwill. Come in your stolen house, clean up and take out the trash.

Gray Cardinal (@slevo4kin) 12 Jan 2018

The Ministry of defence of Ukraine stated that completion of the rocket cruiser “Ukraine” and said that the naval forces of Armed forces of Ukraine do not require this vessel. The missile cruiser “Ukraine” was launched 27 years ago, but for many years its construction is “frozen” at the stage of readiness of 95%. The contents of the vessel engaged in the Nikolaev shipbuilding plant.