“Nuclear bat” does not help – Yarosh said Putin

Dmitry Yarosh: “You, the Kremlin orcs, left a bit”. Photo: espreso.tv

The occupied territory of Donbass and Crimea will come under the control of Ukraine and without the return of the ships from the annexed Peninsula.

This was stated by MP and the leader of the Ukrainian volunteer army Dmitry Yarosh, commenting on a statement by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“With regard to the proposal of the aggressor and occupier Putin on “the return of the ships and aircraft”. We, Ukrainians, after some time, will liberate the occupied East, return Crimea and Moscow will destroy the Empire. “Nuclear bit,” you bandits, will not help. It does not help and the USSR.

You Kremlin orcs, left a bit. As for Ukrainians, however, and therefore God is with us”, – wrote Yarosh.

On 11 January, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia is ready to return from the occupied Crimea to Ukraine of its military equipment.