Experts told why Ukraine will not Post Bank

The state would be beneficial to the postal service received a banking license. Photo: TSN

The national Bank denied the postal service in obtaining a limited banking license.

“If the mail will receive a license of the NBU will increase and so most of the government banks. Now more than 50% of the banking system belongs to the state. Ukraine criticized the IMF and the world Bank”, – he told financial expert Alexei Luponosov.

According to the expert, the refusal to license – maybe even lobbying other banks.

“When the post office ceased to accept utility bills, banks received significant profits. And they don’t want to lose her. The Commission is automatically increased. For the payment of the 5 receipts needed to pay 50 hryvnia,” – commented Luponosov.

According to financial analyst Alexei Kusch, the state would be beneficial to the postal service received a banking license.

“The 20 largest banks, mostly with foreign capital, will not be allowed on the new market participant. Although the state – on the contrary it would be interesting. In practice, the privatization of Italian or Japanese mail structure that combines postal and banking functions, in a year or two will definitely be of interest to investors”, – says Alexei Kusch.

The analyst believes that the creation of a Postal Bank does not necessarily involve public funds.

“You can use the financing for international lenders. For example, the world Bank,” he added.

In December 2017, the national Bank allowed the national postal operators to implement finuslug to transfer funds and participate in domestic and international payment systems. However, only subject to obtaining the NBU license on transfer of funds in national currency without opening of accounts. In Ukraine, the only national postal operator Ukrposhta is.