8 types of American sex: a review of the movie “Short”

On 1 February the Ukrainian rolling out a fantastic dystopia Alexander Payne “More shortly.” Gazeta.ua offers his review of the premiere.

Mad scientist is flying on the stairs of the enormous scientific Institute to tell a colleague’s good news. He invented a way to reduce man to the size of 13 inches. So the man wanted to solve the problem of overpopulation and pollution of Earth. I liked the idea of the world community, and state levels began to carry out a program on creation of specialized settlements for reduced people. Airlines create a miniature salon and offer discounts for small passengers, but on television talk about the advantages of “small life”.

Author: ivi.ru

Frame from the movie “Short”

The reduction is voluntary. And conditions are very attractive: the person who in the ordinary world was just secured down becomes a millionaire. He lives in a luxurious house and leads a Bohemian life travelling, studying languages and is resting at parties.

Married couple Paul and Audrey are tempted by promises of a rich life, decides to undergo the procedure. All anything, but that reduced only the Floor. The woman was frightened preparations for surgery and with a bald head and no one ran away.

Looking at the trailer, counting on family Comedy about the adventures of the little people. In fact, nothing “light” in the film. From here specifically.

Author: ivi.ru

Frame from the movie “Short”

The loneliness of the protagonist covering the audience for thirty minutes. After the ideal relations of the spouses, it is impossible to believe in such treachery. And this condition continually stir up a variety of items: sad look of the Floor in the window, two bathrobes in the house embroidered with the words “Mr” and “Mrs”, wedding rings that brings shipping.

Floor sorry. Throughout the entire film. Paul – no, or “fresh”. People floating down the river, and no ability to make any decisions on their own. Even to get people to pronounce his name correctly Safranek can’t. However, he is kind to others, which also plays into his hands. Matt Damon played a mediocrity, a small man in every sense.

Author: ivi.ru

Frame from the movie “Short”

Globally the Director gives a chance to think about three things: the imminent and inevitable destruction of the planet, the search itself, and the stratification of the population.

Drunks at the bar poses the question: “Can I vote for reduced to people?”. And it likely to the viewer. The whole film trying to understand what is the prospect for such companies. They do not participate in production, do not pay taxes, but are citizens of their countries. What would happen to them if people of normal size will cease to serve their settlements. Surprisingly strange perspective.

But a happy and well-fed “Country leisure”, where does the main character have another and its surroundings. Multi-storey barracks without elevators, where they live forcibly reduced immigrants. There are no medical services, elevators, and almost no food. Trying to create the ideal society as a result turned into a “miniaturization” of what is there.

But the writers thought not all. It is unclear why the Floor after 15 minutes of the tape instead of luxury estate living in a small apartment. But forget about that, after hearing the theory about the 8 American types of sex, such as sex reconciliation sex love, sex-nothing better to do and others which can be found by viewing the tape.

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