Crimean bridge: showed a new phase of construction

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In Russian-occupied Crimea continues the construction of the Kerch bridge that should connect the occupied Peninsula with mainland Russia.

New photos from the construction shown Pro site “”

“The significant changes we see at the upcoming railroad crossing. In the stairs there are more structures that serve as the basis for the railway. On the way back we looked at the TP “Kerch”. It is clearly seen that the road bridge is already asphalted. But the bulk part “, – is spoken in the message.

Earlier it was reported that Russia will have to make changes in the design of the bridge, even if he will survive spring break.

“At a time when severe frosts, freezing of the Azov sea. Subsequently, as a result of the thaw of large ice floes move with the tide. And it can be dangerous to the bridge. It can get damaged and not work”, – the Chairman of public League “Ukraine-NATO” Sergey Dzherdzh.

The expert noted that the design of the bridge, the Russians also did not take into account the needs of Ukrainian sea ports on the Azov sea.

On the construction of the railway approaches to the Crimean bridge encountered a problem soil, through the project to adjust. According to preliminary estimates, it will take up to $ 51,2 million dollars from the budget.