“Internal bleeding can be opened at any time” – the political prisoner of the Kremlin Pavel Mushroom in serious condition

My father told me about the terrible state Paul Grib, who is illegally holding the Kremlin in the Krasnodar remand prison. Photo: Facebook

In Krasnodar court on 1 February held a meeting to examine the appeal on the safety method of the content of Ukrainian political prisoner Paul Mushroom.

This was stated by the father of the prisoner Igor Mushroom on his page in Facebook.

“The lawyer about the hearing by chance learned for the day. Everything was done so that parents do not have time to come”, – stated in the message.

According to the lawyer, Paul is very haggard look, the constant complaints of pain in the stomach and abdomen.

“The General depression, as a result of the strengthening of psychological pressure by the investigators and the prison administration. There are no drugs or minimal diet. Internal bleeding can be opened at any time. Professional medical professionals of the disease of Paul in Krasnodar are not present. To provide medical assistance, no one can. Every day in jail may be the last for Paul. Paul’s life is in danger!”said his father.

24 August Belarus detained the 19-year-old political prisoner of the Kremlin Pavel Mushroom. Then he went to Gomel on a date with a girl that talked in social networks. 17-year-old Tatiana was going to meet with the Russian city of Sochi.

Two weeks after the abduction, the FSB of Russia reported that Paul is in the Krasnodar prison. The Russian authorities accused of the Fungus in the “preparation of a terrorist attack”. Father Paul Igor Grib, a former Ukrainian border guard is now involved in the chaplaincy service in law enforcement bodies. Believes that his son was in the field of view of the FSB through its statements in the Russian social networks.