“Local authorities are not released” – the media said that in the colonies LC hold slaves

It became known that LC hold slaves in the colonies. Photos: Around the world

On the territory temporarily occupied by the Russian mercenaries-fighters of LNR, there is a industry for exploitation of slave labor of prisoners in prisons and colonies.

It is noted that every third prisoner has expired, but the local “authorities” not releasing them because they bring the terrorists a tangible financial benefit, according to the weekly “New time”.

“According to the report of the Eastern human rights groups in the occupied territory of the Luhansk region in the prisons and colonies now there are about 5,000 people. For labour exploitation in the LC have created a structure called “State unitary enterprise penal colony”: it includes all nine colonies of Luhansk region, came under the control of terrorists”, – stated in the message.

Illegal “enterprise” by prisoners produces many different products – from furniture to cinder blocks.

“The costs are low: wages for prisoners to pay not need, just feed. Who does not want to comply, be subjected to violence. The head of the Eastern human rights groups Paul Lisyansky calls all this “system” a network of labor camps,” he said.

In addition, it is noted that during the year the prisoners in the colonies of produce for $3.5 million.

“The prisoner Vitaly, who is now in penal colony No. 19 in the occupied territory of the Luhansk region, on the phone told reporters that he had served his term two years ago. But it is still not released. Prisoners in colonies produce a variety of products: complete sets of mining arched mounting clamps for the connection of the arched mounting, paving slabs and curbs, nails, mesh-netting, playgrounds. All this, according to Luhansk prisoner and human rights advocates, “administration” of the colonies she sells at fairs. And part of the supplies to the ordering of the so-called “authorities” of the occupied districts of Luhansk region”, – stated in the message.

According to human rights Lisyansky, this situation became possible due to the fact that the Ukrainian authorities are unable to remove from the zone ATO colony. On vacant land, managed to evacuate only one women’s area.

The Ukrainians, who on December 27 released from the captivity of militants, still have not received the promised financial compensation from the country. Some ex-prisoners are unable even to recover their documents.