Made a film about the ship that has not lowered the national flag during the capture of the Crimea

The car will be released war drama “Cherkassy” Director Timur Yaschenko Photo: GorodNews

On 24 August the car will be released war drama “Cherkassy” Director Timur Yaschenko. The film will tell the story of the Bears and lions – two children from rural areas of Ukraine. They were on a military ship of the Navy of Ukraine “Cherkasy”, stationed in the Crimean lake Donuzlav, during the capture of the Crimea in 2014.

In March 2014 the trawler “Cherkassy” together with other Ukrainian ships blocked on the lake Donuzlav in the Crimea by the Russian military. The crew of the Ukrainian ship resisted for three weeks. “Little green men” stormed “Cherkassy” with speedboats and helicopter gunships. The seizure of the vessel took place on 25 March 2014.

“Minesweeper “Cherkasy”- is a collective image of the Naval forces of Ukraine. I am from Cherkasy and me personally touched, that they are in conditions of Russian occupation, has proved to be the 300 Spartans. For me it is absolutely mythological story. This is my feature debut. Inspired by Amateur videos with the participation of the sailors of “Cherkasy” and “Konstantin Olshansky”, which documented the high morale of the crews of these ships. This is a story about growing up, about maturation of the main character and the maturation of the nation. I think she’s just such events, and ripe. Like all of us,” says Director Timur Yaschenko.

Filming began in April 2017 in Ochakovo the Nikolaev area. Coast of the Crimean lake Donuzlav was the Kinburn spit, located between the Dnieper-bug Liman and the Black sea. The scene of Pro-Russian demonstrations in the Crimea was shot in Odessa. Also locations are Kyiv and Chernihiv region.

“We made took materials, “Cherkassy”, all schemas. Recreated in a slightly larger scale. Tracked, how to change the Outlook of ordinary sailors, the guys who resisted. Understood, what the Motherland and the swearing-in,” says producer Alexey Karpenko.

Consultant in the movie is commander “Cherkasy”, captain second rank Yuri Fedash. He is now serving in Odessa the head of Department of combat training of naval forces of Ukraine. One of the roles in the film played by former sailor trawler Michael Voskoboynik.

“We’re going to anniversary events. We have for that special date. We ask each other. The majority continued to serve in the Navy. In those days it was necessary to make quick decisions. Someone wanted to do it. And someone wanted to go home and say “I don’t play.” Someone else was motivated by Russia. And we did as we were brought up. The ship we were prepared. Feat I don’t see – we just did their job. After all, if you do not, then the enemy will work against you, ” says Yuri Fedash.

Minesweeper “Cherkasy” was the only one of 13 Ukrainian ships who have not lowered the national flag before leaving his last seaman from the ship.

“We tried to do everything possible so that the flag is not removed. Tied him to the mast, kid cut. And lubricated the mast so that he did not get up. After us it even a week could not be removed,” said a senior sailor Anton Tolmachev.

The total budget of movie is around 40 million hryvnia, of which state support – 17.3 million

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