Minister Azarov returned to Ukraine – media

Former Minister of environmental protection in the government Azarov Mykola Zlochevsky returned to Ukraine. Photo: UNIAN

The owner of gas group Burisma Holdings, the former Minister of environmental protection in the government Azarov Mykola Zlochevsky return to Ukraine.

About it writes “Economic truth” with reference to a source in the market.

“Arrived in Kiev for days. Has already had several meetings,” – said the source.

Mykola Zlochevsky left Ukraine in late 2014, after it received the status of suspected illegal enrichment in a case that is being investigated by the attorney General.

In January 2015, according to Zlochevsky declared wanted.

Earlier it was reported that Zlochevsky met with the people’s Deputy from BPP Igor Kononenko in Vienna, that he Kononenko denied.

After this meeting, in the autumn of last year from the Ministry of interior were removed the statistical card tracing Zlochevsky in connection with the relevant request from the GPU.

Information on the termination of the investigation was made on the basis of the sent from the state office of public Prosecutor of the decision on cancellation of state of search Zlochevsky.

A month ago, in January, Burisma announced the completion of all procedural and legal cases in Ukraine against Zlochevsky and operating companies included in the Group Burisma.

“This decision is the result of many months of joint work of two teams – the General Prosecutor’s office and Burisma Group”, – stated in a press release.

The main part of the fields, which currently operate the company with Burisma Holdings, was issued for the two periods.

The first occurred in 2003-2004, when Zlochevsky, head of the State Committee of natural resources, was the right to dispose of special permits (licenses) for subsoil use.

The second – in 2010-2012, when Zlochevsky supervised by the Ministry of environmental protection, which regulates the State service of Geology and mineral resources – today the only Manager of special permits for subsoil use in the country.

It was also reported that the firm of the Minister of environment in the government of the time Viktor Yanukovych Nikolay Zlochevsky sold gas companies President Petro Poroshenko and his entourage.

Alexander Zlochevsky was a people’s Deputy of three convocations, Minister of ecology and natural resources in the government of Mykola Azarov, Deputy Secretary of Council of national security and defence in the times of Yanukovych. His fortune is estimated at $ 97 million