“MTS catches” in Donetsk, there was a street call offices

Photo: apostrophe.ua

The inhabitants of the occupied Donetsk specify where available the link Vodafone, with special signs.

According to “Apostrophe”, reported Denis Kazansky blogger, Twitter.

The photo shows that on the pillars and other places in the city hang sheets. They printed signs and labels “MTS catches there.” Obviously, the same sign used for advertising purposes and a cafe, got into a zone coverage.

Netizens commented: “Soon, probably, will appear the boys in reflective vests and will charge a rent for the Parking space”, “it Can be assumed that the MTS is only the beginning of more serious problems of the occupied region”, “Cotton Start – buying GSM repeater and put in the shop / café / car wash “.

Terrorist DNR so-called “Minister of revenue” Alexander Timofeev, better known as “Tashkent”, is personally interested in disabling the mobile operator “Vodafone-Ukraine”.
This was reported by the coordinator of the center “Information resistance” Dmitry Tymchuk on his page on Facebook.