Nude girls and pineapples – under AP Poroshenko was criticized for Maldives


Under the presidential Administration, activists of the “Movement novih forces” held a flash mob “the Suitcase-station-Maldives”.

The action began around 14:00.

In it, they recreated the “luxury holiday Poroshenko”.

Behind the action was observed by the National guard.

At this time people, including girls in bikinis and men in shorts and t-shirts walked to the music. Lay on the ground with air mattresses and stood in the pool. People were holding pineapples.

The audience had a poster Poroshenko go away.

“The Maldives became a kind of “Golden loaf” Poroshenko. When he learned that the President of a country at war spent 14 million hryvnia – that’s 400 years of pension or salary. So Poroshenko spent seven days holiday in the Maldives. In Ukraine, officially according to UN statistics, 1.5 million are starving,” said the activist.

Also at the rally stated that on Sunday, Moscow will host the “March for the future”, which “is the beginning of the campaign for the resignation of Poroshenko.”

Subsequently, the people began to shout: “Resign”. Then danced to the melody of the famous song Despacito.

Another activist, wearing a mask that resembles the face of Poroshenko, were holding a ball.

The reporters found that President Petro Poroshenko spent $500 thousand on a holiday in the Maldives. In the Christmas vacation with the President there were 3 men, 5 women and 2 children. Flew the rented plane under assumed names. ‘ve rented a Villa on a private island, where Poroshenko checked in under the name Mr. Petro Incognito