“Republic of the innocents”: intelligence reported that the militants brought the convoy instead of “baby food”

Photo: Site of terrorists of LNR INDIVIDUALS

Russian “humanitarian convoy” that arrived in the occupied territory of Donbass on January 25, contained a cargo of military purpose, technical reconnaissance and radio stations.

This is with reference to the information of the Main intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry of Ukraine said the speaker of the defense Ministry ATO Dmitry Gutsulyak.

It is noted that in view of the “humanitarian convoy” of Russia brought insurgents technical reconnaissance and radio stations.

“Despite statements of the Russian leadership about the exclusively peaceful purposes of cargoes such “convoys”, they are one of the ways to support the invader and quasi-governmental terrorist formations in the East of Ukraine”, – said Gutsulyak.

In addition, the defense Ministry said that the main content of Russian “humanoid” there is equipment and equipment for military purposes for the militants.

Recent “humanitarian convoy” was the 73rd during the war.

For the first time in 2018, Russia has sent to the occupied territory of Donbass so-called humanitarian aid. As reported on the website EMERCOM of Russia, they’re bringing “more than 400 tons of humanitarian cargo”. Argue that the composition of the goods – children food packages.