The expert explained how the new sanctions can influence Russia

Wigierski US Law completely forbid banks to cooperate with the Russian side. Just set short credit terms. PHOTO: Andrew Wigierski / Facebook

Us officials have the right to ban foreign companies to cooperate with Russia. However, can create adverse business conditions.

This was stated by the analyst Andrew Wigierski in an interview

What will be the next step of the United States, if the list gain strength?

Probably American banks and companies will recommend not to cooperate with the companies and shareholders from the list. I don’t think US law will completely prohibit the banks to cooperate with the Russian side. Just establish the credit terms. It would be short, which does not allow to implement projects worth billions of dollars when the money is taken for several years. The state regulator will set the maximum period is one month. What’s the point of the company to take out a loan, which she will not be able to return?

When can we expect results of the actions of the us sanctions?

They bring effect for several decades. Deteriorating financial situation of people who are under sanctions, and the country as a whole. The population becomes poorer, rebelling against the government, leading to poverty. In the long run it can become a driving force for state changes.

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How can this affect Ukraine?

– I don’t think they Crimea will return. But the weaker the enemy, the more chances to persuade him to make the necessary decisions.

How can you comment on the statement by the representative of US state Department on billions of dollars of losses already incurred to the Russian “defense industry”?

– In Russia, powerful defensive complex, working not only on domestic needs and for export. When the company enters into an agreement for the supply of any defence or military equipment, enters into an agreement with another state in the future in relation to this Russian company introduced economic sanctions. This means a ban for the calculations of supply, limit the possibility of conducting economic activity. The company loses revenue, profit, pays less taxes to the Russian budget limits the wage bill. Russia is not a self-sufficient country, like any country in the world in terms of weapons that they import.

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Should Ukraine to impose sanctions against Russian businessmen who have business in Ukraine?

– It would be logical to our the national security Council agreed on sanctions against them. If they are indeed involved in the criminal activities of the Russian Federation. But you need enough evidence and verification by law enforcement agencies. It is also necessary to remember that business is about Ukrainians. If you completely wrap it, people will remain without work. Such moments should be treated carefully.

The Ukrainians have been asking the US to impose sanctions even in relations of Ukrainian businessmen who cooperate with the Kremlin and the Russian oligarchs?

– Emotionally Ukrainians would want that. But if the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies they are not persecuted, why foreigners should do it?

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The Ministry of Finance of the United States published the so-called “Kremlin report”. It has names close to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russian officials and businessmen. Only 210 names. Among them, 96 of the oligarchs, the state of which more than $ 1 billion And 114 names of officials and Directors of state companies.

The representative of US state Department Hetaeras Nauert stated that adopted by the US against the Russian “defense” legislative measures have already resulted in losses of billions of dollars and new sanctions are not yet necessary.