The IMF sounded the main requirements for Ukraine


The international monetary Fund completed the fourth review of the extended Fund of Ukraine after the adoption of the law on the anti-corruption court and bringing gas prices to market levels.

Such conditions were sounded by the head of the IMF office in Ukraine Jost Longman, reports “Interfax-Ukraine”.

“There are certain conditions that must be fulfilled. It’s achievable indicators: hope for an early implementation”, – said Longman.

He stressed that the introduction of market gas prices will help to avoid artificial segmentation of the market separately for households and for industry.

Among other tasks, the IMF representative noted the containment of inflation, increasing international reserves of Ukraine, the preservation policy of flexible exchange rate to maintain competitiveness of the Ukrainian economy.

The IMF in March 2015, the approved 4-year program of crediting Ukraine’s economy EFF at $17.5 billion under this program, Ukraine has received from the Fund 4 tranche totaling $8.7 billion.

On December 14, the IMF said that while the planned allocation of a further credit tranche, because the Ukrainian side has not fulfilled all the conditions of completion of the viewing.