The outflow of personnel from the country’s need to stop the creation of production – Igor Nikonov

Nikonov told the importance of creating jobs. Photo: CP

Ukrainians want to work and create businesses in Ukraine, you only need to give them the opportunity.

Shared his opinion honorary President of the company KAN Development, Igor Nikonov, in an exclusive interview to “Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine”

“We are amazed at the number of people who want to open a business in our residential areas. So new projects we have almost all the first floor give under non-residential premises for small businesses. Of course, we understand that in the beginning they will be in demand, but after there will be tenants, and will be the businessmen who are ready to serve them. We create a mini-city, an independent ecosystem with kindergartens, schools, sports clubs, coffee shops, co-working spaces, etc. to Residents is very much needed products and services, and business buyers. When you have a large area – there are many potential consumers who will be happy to walk into a restaurant or a beauty salon under the house, instead of having to spend time moving around the city”, – said the President of KAN Development.

“Once in China, too, was the salary, as in Ukraine, started with $ 200, but there the government was doing everything to create millions of jobs. As a result, wages in China are much higher, and nobody is running. Because the country has production capacities for economic development, and people – well-paid job and confidence in the future,” shared facts Igor Nikonov.

According to Igor Nikonov, create production capacity and jobs will stop the outflow of personnel from Ukraine and revive the state’s economy.

“For me, stimulating the development of local production has always been a priority. In KAN Development the whole team is loaded – if it is possible to facilitate the creation of Ukrainian production, we are trying to do. But, unfortunately, there is no position of the state – “come and create, we will support you.” And as a result, entrepreneurs have no incentive to open plants and create new jobs. Need some point of growth, you need an understanding of why the investor it is necessary, for example, tax exemptions or the creation of industrial parks, but this is no. In many countries, the government even pays investors for the creation of jobs (for example, in Serbia, the government pays 10 euros for one). In Ukraine it is not necessary to pay anything, just would not touch, do not interfere with work. Because of the huge number of pressure tests etc., you just don’t have time to work well.”

Residential complex Respublika will be constructed during 5 years. This was told by the honorary President of the KAN Development company Igor Nikonov.