The ship with a Ukrainian crew was holed off the coast of Crimea

The Ukrainian crew of the ship “Berg” was taken in Feodosia. Photo: RIA Novosti

The Moldovan cargo ship “Berg” received damage to the hull in the Black sea near the Crimea.

About it reports the Russian edition “RIA Novosti”.

“In the emergency region reported that the ship followed under the Moldovan flag. The crew of 12 people consists of citizens of Ukraine and Azerbaijan. People evacuated, the vessel is at anchor, a survey of the hull. Circumstances of incident are investigated”, – is spoken in the message.

It is noted that the information about the disaster received emergency services at 00:16.

“At a distance of 16 miles from the coast near Cape Chauda cargo ship “Berg”, the flag of Moldova, which followed from the Azov sea to Turkey, asked for help in the port city of Feodosia because of damage to the side and set the water in the hold. In the result, there was a roll to starboard”, – said the head of the Ministry of emergency situations of Crimea.

According to him, the crew consisted of eight citizens of Ukraine, four from Azerbaijan.

“The ship owned by the Turkish shipping company. The cargo vessel is over 3,000 tons,” he added.

To the place of disaster was sent to a rescue boat which evacuated the entire crew to Feodosia.

“The crew medical assistance is not needed. 2:54 tugboat moored in the port of Feodosia. Clarification and registration of data about the ship and crew engaged in border service. The crew of the vessel after registration of the data will be accompanied to the place of temporary residence in one of the hotels in the city of Feodosia,” – said he.

The cargo ship is at anchor in the waters of the sea, it will decide the fate of the shipowner, said the Agency interlocutor.

Russian occupants have dramatically increased the supply of diesel fuel in the annexed Crimea from mainland Russia. It is noted that in January price of diesel fuel in occupied Crimea imported by tankers “SIG”, “Almetyevsk” and “Muhalatka”. Just done 8 flights in Ukraine closed the ports of Kerch and Feodosia.