Ukrainian anti-aircraft gunners showed how guard the skies over the Donbas

Gunners check on compliance with the fighters of the Minsk agreement and not used in the war in the Donbass aviation

The airspace over the line of demarcation in Luhansk oblast controlled by the Ukrainian anti-aircraft gunners, armed with rocket complex “Buk M-1”. They are capable of hitting targets within a radius of 30 km, which covers the territory to the border with Russia, reports “5 channel”.

The gunners tactical group “Lugansk” check compliance with fighters of the Minsk agreement and not used in the war in the Donbass aviation. The soldiers are saying, that by them will not fly no enemy aircraft or drone.

“They are collecting information for Russia, these separatists. But if the enemy has the information he already has the ability to fire on positions of Armed forces of Ukraine, can carry out acts of sabotage. To avoid this, here are we,” says the military.

Every morning for the army begins with warming up the engines. The missile test equipment for combat readiness: moving on to conditional import and the mode of the exercise identify the target.

“We have a self-propelled fire installation, which leaves may from any point of the terrain immediately to unfold. Three minutes may already be running the rocket” – say soldiers.

Soldiers of the air defence units shot down in the ATO zone the drone Russian-made Orlan-type-10. Since the beginning of ceasefire (December 23) this is the third downed UAV of this type.