Ukrainian sews purses and handbags Indian Cobra

Alexander King from Cherkasy personally sews leather wallets, bags, cases, bracelets. For products uses cowhide, sheepskin and exclusive items – monitor lizard, Python, Indian Cobra.

“I decided to do a friend a gift on a birthday. There was no money at all, so I took my old purse, took it apart and made anew. Then one friend found out about it and ordered. Word of mouth was the best advertising. The first product made 6 years ago. The first workshop came a year and a half,” says Alexander, owner of a workshop “TsarArt”.

Author: Natalia Decibars

Master Alexander the King produces leather accessories for every “purse”.

Often bought wallets in exclusive designs. The cost of the product depends on the price of materials and work hourly. While working – $ 10.

“Most of leather wallets for 450 UAH is a machine seam and a thin cheap leather, which will soon RUB off. I have a purse costs 600 UAH, but here hand stitch, leather is more expensive and better. Warranty on the product I give 4-5 years. The worst month for work – it’s January, April and August, and the best November, December and may. So in a month or sell 10 products or more than 100. Often take as a gift for birthdays. If a client wants exclusive wallet crocodile, you need to buy the skin specially for this order. The cost of a small crocodile 30х80 cm – 800-900 Euro. If you do not fit, I suggest various options cheaper or more expensive. Quality leather watchband has 5 different layers of skin, which also affects the value.”

Author: Natalia Decibars

Master rubs beeswax for gloss

For the gloss of the skin, the Thunderbird rubs her beeswax. As a result, the edge parts products acquire the effect of “tan”. Advertises the product, while teaching his profession on the Youtube channel.

Photo: Natalia Decibars

– A man gets a box with two books chosen for her. And a bottle of wine. – The private business have invested thousands of dollars of savings. Got “zero” after the second month of work. A large part of income is spent on business development, – says 23-year-old Karina Burdocks. With 27-year-old Yulia Nikolaeva-based service gift sets “Bucovina”. One is from UAH 492.