We sing in Russian and “dance” as they should, because “bashlyaet”: Ruslan emotionally told about the performers

Ruslana believes that Europe is interested in Ukrainian music. Photos netnews.com.mt

We are not closing the Russian market, and offer Ukrainian artists to focus on European. I just won with “Wild dances” at the Eurovision song contest, and felt the demand for original exotic Ukraine.
This was stated by Ukrainian singer Ruslana live ObozTV. Discussed the problem of gastrolavage Ukrainian performers in the state-aggressor and the legislative initiative of Vyacheslav Kirilenko to strengthen accountability of artists, performers.

“In Russia, always to me, friendly. Stay positive (cheering, sold out). The Russian market is very appetizing – there are many corporate paid well for them”, – shared the singer.

After the beginning of the military conflict Ruslana visits Russia and does not act there. According to her, the performers choose Russia, because in Europe it is more difficult to break.

“In Europe, challenging pricing conditions. They need to take the content and the world there is not” – said Ruslan.
The actress added that Ukrainians should enter the European market.

“The law Kirilenko will make much more than it seems at first glance. It finally will lead us to a mental choice – who are we? Where Ukraine sells itself to the present,” said Ruslan.
Before the live broadcast, the singer made a post in Facebook, which briefly explained his position.
“Or we’ll be in Russia to sing in Russian and “dance” as they should, they’re, pardon the term,” bashlyaet” and sometimes we sing in Ukrainian (and, just as they like). For if in the former USSR recognized the Ukrainian, it was Ivasyuk and his unsurpassed “Chervona Ruta” for it and accused and executed. And we still don’t know how the KGB did it. And we don’t even investigate the crime. And this was an assassination attempt in Ukrainian. Volodymyr Ivasyuk made unreal mental revolution in the minds of the Soviet Union, ” wrote Ruslana.

As reported Gazeta.ua Vyacheslav Kyrylenko, the bill will be presented in the near future (in February). Orientirovochno title “About the features of the touring and concert activity of persons, participating in entertainment events on the territory of the aggressor state and on the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine”.

Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Vyacheslav Kirilenko said that the Ukrainian star, who travel to play in Russia, should be charged with a special tax and to be registered in the SBU.