51-year-old canadian protect Ukraine in the ATO

Of 80-th separate air assault brigade in the ATO area is canadian with Ukrainian roots 51-year-old John Yushchenko. To help the Ukrainian army, Ivan is called the twin cities, with the beginning of the Russian aggression came to Lviv for ten thousand kilometers.

Experienced mechanic offered his knowledge and skills, and joined in the repair of military equipment.

“I saw the news … I couldn’t sit at home, crying. I may have something to do. I’m a mechanic at home, and all this equipment more or less understand. And I think – why not be able to buy a ticket and fly to help,” he explained.

In a foreign land, representatives of the Yushchenko family emigrated over a hundred years ago. Grandpa John participated in the First world war on the side of Canada.

“The next two vacations he spent in the family circle and in the box of the military unit and helped to put on the “wheel” of many pieces of military equipment. The level of training and technical knowledge has allowed John to tidy almost all the stuffing of military vehicles – from the engine to the smallest detail. The only thing the man had some time to get used to – to the Ukrainian names of the instruments,” says the press officer of the 80-odshbr major Igor Borozdin.

In June of 2016 entered into force the decree of the President of Ukraine No. 248, which allowed foreigners to serve in the Armed forces of Ukraine. In consultation with the family and saying good-bye to his native Sault STE Marie, Ontario, John Yushchenko returned to Ukraine and signed a contract with a separate air assault brigade. Trained in the training center of the airborne assault troops in Zhitomir where he mastered the profession of the driver of the tank.

“Now, John Yushchenko protect Ukraine from the enemy in the area ATO. In addition, he studies the terminology in the Ukrainian language, because in case of need, time to think over teams will not. He is not afraid to meet the enemy, because understand on whose side the truth”, – says Igor Borozdin.

The integrity of Ukraine with arms to protect and Belarusians. The fighter with the Callsign “Friend” came to Ukraine two years ago. Joined the ranks of the volunteer army. To return home can not, because there going to jail.