Compare the cost of fruit in Poland and Ukraine

Citrus fruits and bananas Warsaw residents buy cheaper than Kiev. Photo:

The Association of retailers analyzed the cost of fruits in the markets “the Capital” (Kiev) and “Bronisze” (Warsaw) for the first 20 days of January 2018.

“A kilogram of oranges “Metropolitan” can be bought for 40 hryvnia, and the “Bronisze” – 32 UAH. Thus, in Ukraine citrus fruit fell by 5 UAH. In Poland the price practically has not changed,” wrote Facebook Director of Association of suppliers of retail chains Alexey Doroshenko.

Tangerines and lemons after the new year holidays fell in Ukraine. However, it has risen in Poland.

“The market “Capital” a kilo of lemons you need to pay 38 USD. Tangerines are 35 hryvnia per kilogram. Poles buy lemons for 38 UAH per kg, tangerines – 33 UAH. In Ukraine, the lemons fell by 7 hryvnia, tangerines – 5. In Poland they rose by 1 hryvnia,” – said Doroshenko.

Since the beginning of January much went bananas due to the higher cost in international markets. At the same time, the rise in price of bananas was affected by the unstable exchange rate of the national currency.

“On the Kiev market bananas are 37 hryvnia per kilogram. On the Warsaw – 34 hryvnia. For example, in Ukraine for January fruit added to the price of 7.5 USD. In Poland only 1.8 UAH”, – says the expert.

He emphasized that apples and domestic apples European are significantly different. Adopted in Europe, the standard is a great choice Apple

“Domestic apples “Metropolitan” market at an average cost 15 hryvnia per kilogram. While “Bronisze” is 49. For the first two decades of January at the Kyiv wholesale market price rose to 2 hryvnia. In Warsaw the price increased 10.1 hryvnia” – summed up..

Since January, Ukraine has moved to a new type of monitoring products, goods and services on the basis of which is inflation. A new list of products has been expanded. Instead of 23 social items now monitoring shall be 31 item. Among those new products, the cost of which resonated in this year: chicken, loaf, bread from wheat flour, semolina, barley, millet, apples, and frozen fish.