How much it costs to fill the car 2 Feb

Depending on networks price of a-95 gasoline ranges from 28,39 UAH/l to 32.99 UAH/liter. Photo: Dnepr Hour

The cost of fuel at Ukrainian filling stations remains high.

A liter of gasoline A-95 in average in Ukraine is UAH of 30.69. Depending on the networks the price of fuel ranges from 28,39 UAH/l to 32.99 UAH/l. Thus, to save or to pay you to 4.6 UAH, reports

DT is the average of 28.56 UAH/liter. Prices at gas stations are different from 26,62 UAH UAH to 30.49.

Avtomobilny gas at an average sell at 13,07 UAH/l. the Minimum cost of a network AZS – 12,24 UAH/liter. Maximum – 13,89 UAH/liter.

February 1 in Ukraine entered into force a new standard of quality of autogas. It requirements significantly above the current DSTU. So, under the new rules the sulfur content in the fuels must not exceed 50 grams per ton. In addition, it should be free water at a temperature of zero degrees Celsius and reduced the number of unsaturated hydrocarbons. Many trading companies and manufacturers of liquefied natural gas have already translated the quality of its product to the highest level. They have switched from using mark “a Mixture of propane-butane technical” to grade “Propane-butane automobile”.