In the Crimea will be a disaster because of the construction of the bridge Kerch – MOT

Ukraine warned of a disaster due to the construction of Crimean bridge. Photo: Еспресо.TV

In the annexed Crimea occupation authorities produces sand from the dam lower Kurbatskogo tailings, which contained toxic waste.

This threatens the health of people and the environment of the Black sea, the press service MOT (of the Ministry of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons).

“Ukraine monitors the impact of large-scale sand mining directly from the dam lower Kurbatskogo tailings ponds storing toxic waste enterprise” Kamysh-Burun iron-ore combine”, – stated in the message.

Reset the pulp ceased in 1994, together with the operation of the plant. Now Russian authorities are using toxic waste for the construction of the Kerch bridge and civil construction.

“Sample of sand from the toxic tailings ponds near Kerch is in direct violation of the occupation authorities environmental legislation. The area of land where the extraction is 64 288 square meters (length of 860 meters, width – 75 meters). In the process of production and delivery of toxic sand inevitably gets into the air and atmospheric precipitation wash away the poison through the ruined dam in the Black sea”, – told the press service.

In addition, the amount of arsenic in the tailings exceeds the concentration of 500 times.

In Russian-occupied Crimea continues the construction of the Kerch bridge that should connect the occupied Peninsula with mainland Russia. Earlier it was reported that Russia will have to make changes in the design of the bridge, even if he will survive spring break.