In Ukraine will change dramatically the rules for calculating pensions

Next year will change the rules for calculating pensions. Photo:

From next year in the calculation of pensions will take into account the average salary in the country for three years (now two), which significantly reduced the size of the base salary. Considering the reduction in “cost” of one year of experience, average pensions compared to 2017 will be reduced by 25%.

This year in Ukraine there are special rules for calculating pensions. Instead of three years, take the average salary in the country for the last two years. At the moment it is more than 5 thousand UAH. After that amount is multiplied by the length of service of 1% and the ratio of own earnings to the average. Accordingly, even if the salary is more than 7 thousand UAH you can get a pension of about 1.8 thousand UAH, according to the material Realist’a.

Next year the terms of the retirement will be worse. So, instead of the average salary over the past two years will take into account the average salary in the country for three years. Taking into account that the salary grows every year, such conditions are much less favorable for Ukrainian pensioners.

Recall that in the framework of pension reform, the assessment ratio of length reduced by 25% – from 1.35 to 1. Evaluation of experience is a kind of “fee” for each year worked.