It became known as the “Russian Orthodox army” were tortured and killed people in Slavyansk

Author: Relha in Ukraine

Porter murderers of the “Russian Orthodox army”

In June 2014, in Slavyansk, Donetsk region militants “Russian Orthodox army” arrested and killed deacons of the Church “Transfiguration” and the two sons of the pastor of this Church.

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“Young men, members of religious organizations, terrorists kidnapped, tortured and killed in June 2014. The victims ‘ bodies were found in a mass grave with others killed by locals in a month after the city was liberated from the occupation. The identity of all three executioners installed. Them in absentia notified of the suspicion. Wanted,” – said in the message.

A mass grave of people killed by the militants were discovered in Slovyansk in July 2014.

“Among the 14 bodies (12 men and 2 women) identified four native Ministers of the local Church. Two of the victims were parents. In particular, deacon Vladimir Velichko (born in 1973) was a married father of eight children, deacon Victor Brodarski (born in 1974) is also married and has three children, ” reported.

Police said that the difficulty was in search of witnesses of those events – most of them were already either dead or in prison, or on the territory of the DNR terrorist organization.

“June 8, around 11-12 am in the Church, where the assembled members, stormed by armed gunmen and took away two brothers, 1984 and 1990 year of birth and two of their friends along with their cars. The attackers arrived by car, which eve was taken from one of the believers . In the car of one of the kidnapped men, the terrorists found the money in a foreign currency and under the pretext that declared them “American spies”. The car was taken, and the prisoners were placed in a box occupied the firehouse. It is established that the children were tortured, and in the morning taken out of the city and shot with machine guns in the car, which caught fire. One man burned in the car, the other tried to run and hide behind bushes, but they were finished. The body was taken and buried in a common grave. In the meantime, the executioners took from the relatives of a considerable ransom “for the release of prisoners”, – stated in the message.

The attackers were:

Cannon Eugene N., Born in 1979, resident of Slavyansk,

Samples Oleg Vladimirovich 1965 of birth, the inhabitant of Makeyevka,

Chernyshev Andrey, Born in 1963, resident of Slavyansk.

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The militants during the occupation of building fortifications of the terrorists were on duty at checkpoints in the city, and was also involved in gang violence and killed people.

“After the liberation of Slavyansk fled to Donetsk. Participated in combat operations and were considered “heroes of the DPR””, – stated.

The Ukrainian army managed to take control of the village Ekaterinovka in the Luhansk region. This was reported by the volunteer Yury Misyagin.