“Masha, you are only in the film the daughter of the Mayor, in fact – an ordinary Ukrainian girl!”in Bukovel off tale

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In the ski resort “Bukovel” in the Carpathians off to the tale “Only a miracle”. Director – Elena Coachman.

This is a fantasy story of a young man Severin. To save his dad’s life, he will have to fight the fantastic beasts and bad guys. There will also be a test of love – to fight for the heart of the daughter of the Mayor of Sofia.

Severin will bring 17-year-old George Yarmolenko. Sofia – 14-year-old Maria Gerasimenko.

In the story, will make a choice between the will of a powerful father and feelings of the protagonist.

“Such characters as my Sophia young, bright, always attract the attention of young people. Role model: how you behave, what interests they care about. My character will be a difficult choice – love or money. I would certainly hope she chose love. Even though it’s a fairytale waiting for a happy ending, but let’s see how it will succeed. I like scenery, nature, all just fabulous. And from the costumes I’m ecstatic, ” says the actress.

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Maria Gerasimenko in the role of Sofia

The role of the protagonist of Mary approved immediately.

“During the trial the role of Sofia was that I was too young (at the time I was 13, and Sofia scenario – 17!). Said need to wait 2 months, only then the results will be. It took perhaps six months, and suddenly, when I have lost hope, I was contacted by the producers of the project and asked for my current photo – how do I look, or have grown, changed? After that I was invited to re-audition and then approved. I remember the day I came with my dad. And when I learned that I take a very long time screamed in joy!”Maria says.

Said that movie role and increased success in learning.
“Got a little behind in school. But when parents say that because of the bad ratings could not come to the shooting, I had such an incentive to learn! Normally I want to pass the exams this year. A little afraid of star fever, what the Pope said to me: “Masha, you are only in the film the daughter of the Mayor, in fact – an ordinary Ukrainian girl!”- says the actress.

In the movie “Only a Miracle” paramedic plays Zinovy simchich, son of the legendary Basil Simchicha (“Zahar Berkut”, “White bird with black mark”, “lost letter”).

Picture shoot with the support of the state.

The total cost of film production – 61 mln 650 thousand UAH.

Filming will take place in Ukraine (the main film set in Bukovel) and in Iceland.

The film’s release is scheduled for late 2018.

On 24 August the car will be released war drama “Cherkassy” Director Timur Yaschenko. The film will tell the story of the Bears and lions – two children from rural areas of Ukraine. They were on a military ship of the Navy of Ukraine “Cherkasy”, stationed in the Crimean lake Donuzlav, during the capture of the Crimea in 2014.