National Bank set the exchange rate for the weekend

Currency exchange rate on 2 February and the weekend Photo:

The national Bank of Ukraine has set the official exchange rates for Friday, February 2. These courses will be operate on Saturday and Sunday.

The US dollar added 2 kopecks. and is 27,86 UAH.

The Euro has risen by 4 COP and its course is 34,72 UAH.

The exchange rate of the Russian ruble 49 kopecks.

The government announced such currency forecasts: exchange rate of hryvnia (average per year) 2018 will amount to 29.3 UAH per dollar, 2019, the year of 30.5 UAH per USD, in 2020 – 31 UAH per dollar.

Historical record of hryvnia against foreign currencies in the official exchange rate of the NBU: USD 26 February 2015 has reached its highest level in 30.01 UAH, Euro set his record 26 Jan 2018 – 35,66 UAH.

The most trusted among the currencies is the US dollar. According to 43% of Ukrainian, in that currency is more profitable to keep the money. Further, a large gap followed by Euro – 15% and UAH – 8%.