Remember: all the names of the ATO soldiers, who died in January

Published list of names in November of defenders of Ukraine.

In January 2018, killed 19 Ukrainian soldiers. 13 of them are fighting. The oldest among the men was 48 and the youngest 21.

During this time, the 44 soldiers were injured. Information about some incomplete.

No losses were 16, 19, 21 Jan. The headquarters of the ATO noted that 23 and 29 Sinchi passed without firing a shot.

“Christmas truce” agreed upon by representatives of Ukraine, Russia and the OSCE in the Trilateral contact group in Minsk, officially began on the night of December 23. Lasted until 7 January.

In the period from 1 to January 7, 3 dead and 6 wounded.

Combat loss:

1 January

Alexander Kovtun

Years: 33

Born: Klyshky from the village, Sumy region



33-year-old Alexander Kovtun

On the first day of the new year, January 1, in the area of ATO in the Donbas killed a resident of the Sumy region Alexander Kovtun.

Soldier was blown up by an explosive device near Novotoshkivske in Luhansk region.

He was born in the village Klyshky. After military service in the Armed forces worked in the security structures. From November 2016, he served in the 13th battalion of the 58th separate infantry brigade. Since July last year – in the area of the ATO.

The man was 33 years old.

“At 00:05 soldier Alexander Kovtun has made to undermine an as-yet-unidentified explosive device during a combat mission. The body is still here in Bureau is judicial-medical examination, conducted investigative actions”, – said the commander of the 13th battalion of the 58th OMPB Vitaly Gulyaev.

Buried fighter 5 Jan Klyshky in the village of Shostka district.

10 Jan

Gennady “Green” Vegera

Years: 37

Originally from the village of Kurylivka volochys’kyi district, Khmelnytskyi region

Left: 3 daughters, wife


37-year-old Gennady “Green” Vegera

In the ATO 10 Jan 2018 during a combat mission killed the father of three children, 37-year-old Gennadiy Vegera.

The rank of soldiers, the post in the 34th battalion- shooter.

Born in the village of Kurylivka volochys’kyi district, Khmelnytskyi region. Gennady graduated from College in Poltava, in 1998-2000, were “the line” in the 3rd regiment of special forces in the Crimea. The following worked for six years in the special forces of the militarized protection.

Went to the front as a volunteer – I didn’t want to take the army for health reasons. In may 2014 went Kirovograd region and joined the volunteer battalion “Batkivschyna”. Fought in the area of Gorlovka. In a combat zone, served in the 34th battalion.

In March 2015, was sent to the 128th brigade in Kramatorsk, was guarding the headquarters. He received a severe wound of feet in the Luhansk region, after treatment served in the guard unit accompanying the military doctors.

In the East, the man served three years.

“Left three daughters. Before his wife had a dream, they say Green died. She was crying, she was woken by the girls. On the best met 4 times in the New year. On the First of September, when the daughter went to school an hour and a half talking to her on the phone and listened to a concert “, – said Mikhail Ohman.

“The wife must have reconciled. Called today in the morning excited. I dreamt that I died. In a dream to cry. The children are woken. Proud father. All about me tell, “said Gennady in an interview with” Gazeta in Ukrainian “at the end of December 2017.

“Have a Christmas story. And the commander of the 1st platoon of the 3rd company “the Atlas” in the morning, came closer to the fighters, recalled Vegera. – In the middle between our and their positions vcepilas the flag of Ukraine. The Russians raged for a long time trying to knock down. Even wanted to creep up, and we cut them.”

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Viktor Viktorovich Sukhin

Years: 38

Born: Dymyne village, novoukrainsky district, Kirovohrad region

Left: daughter and wife


38-year-old Viktor Viktorovich Sukhin

January 10, killing 38-year-old Victor Sukhin that was adopted for military service under the contract on 30 November 2017 – the Ukrainian military in the region.

Killed a soldier of the explosion of an armored vehicle by an unidentified explosive device (mine) near the village of Sands under Donetsk.

The military Commissioner of the Novoukrainka district Valery Milinchuk reported that the tragedy occurred during a military BRDM overcome water obstacles. Two cars successfully overcame it, and another stumbled on the projectile 152-caliber. The explosion knocked BRDM on its side, two soldiers were killed.

Undermining was so powerful that parts of the armored vehicles were scattered more than 200 feet away. After blowing up the armored vehicle overturned and fell into the water.

Victor Sukhin was born on 17 December 1979.

Soldiers served in the position of driver infantry branch of the mechanized infantry company, a military unit А4395 (34 ompb).

Victor G. is survived by his wife and daughter born in 2008

Farewell to the fighter took place on January 15 in the village of novoukrainsky district Today.

Vladimir “Batman”, Anadim

Years: 31

Born: village of fedorivka-Kakhovka district

Left: a wife, two sons, brother


31-year-old Vladimir “Batman” Anadim

Volunteer battalion “Donbass” 31-year-old Vladimir Anadim January 10, was killed near the village of Novoluganskoe in Svetlodarsk arc. The deceased a native of Chernivtsi. Died from shrapnel wounds in the neck. The soldier died on the way to the hospital from a significant blood loss.

“Had the call “Batman”. Born on 14.10.1986 year in the village of fedorivka of Kahovsky district, Kherson region. In 2004, the guy graduated from the 11th grade. Was immediately called up for military service 07.11.2004. After demobilization Vladimir Borisovich moved to Bukovina in the village Golubitsky Trebleclef district, Chernivtsi region. There married. Worked in Chernivtsi”, – he wrote on the page on Facebook volunteer Jan Sedge.

According to the volunteer, the deceased soldier was in the 8th battalion of the territorial defence, which later was renamed the 8-th separate mechanized infantry battalion and transferred to the 24-th separate mechanized brigade. Performed combat tasks in the area of the Azov coast with the area of responsibility of Mariupol to Chongara.

He held the position of chef of the platoon logistics.

“Now imagine such a situation. Since the battalion has several times changed the location, the food was different – a tent, a stationary and a dug-out-trenches. Not too easy in a completely wild environment to feed the soldiers with a hot meal at least once a day. After demobilization 10.06.2016 year signed with the APU a contract and got in platoon reconnaissance and sabotage company of the 46-th separate battalion of special purpose “Donbass-Ukraine,” wrote Ian Sedge.

He is survived by his wife, brother and two sons.

11 Jan

Timothy Puchalski

Years: 30

Originally from Krivoy Rog

Left: the bride


30-year-old Timothy puchalski

January 11 near the village of Glorious Donetsk region during a combat mission for the demining of the area killed the soldier Timothy Puchalski.

Ukrainian defender was the senior soldier of the 30th mechanized brigade.

Timothy puchalski was born 04.02.1987 year in the city of Kryvyi Rih, in Mirograd his bride.

Thursday, January 11, at about 12:15 during transfer of mine-explosive mechanism (WFP-62M) mines from the battle to the transport position using the special key, there was a detonation of the mines (TM-62), as a result, soldier was killed.

The deceased in Mirograd left the bride. Young people were supposed to get married January 26, 2018.

The lost soldier said goodbye on 16 January, in the cemetery, “steppe” of the city of Mirograd Donetsk region.

16 Jan

Andrew “Speaker” Vitvitskiy

Years: 30

Originally from Ivano-Frankivsk

Left: mother, sister, wife and young daughter.


30-year-old Andrew “Speaker” vitvitskiy.

16 Jan near Avdeevka Donetsk region killed 30-year-old Andrew Spiker Attack.

Soldier of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps “Right sector” Andrey vitvitsky Callsign “Speaker” died in battle with the occupiers in Donetsk direction in the area of the Town late on Tuesday evening, January 16.

A native of Ivano-Frankivsk.

“Speaker” went from fighting on Hrushevskoho street in Kiev during the euromaidan battles in Avdeevka.

He studied at the Higher spiritual Seminary in Lviv. Fought in Eastern Ukraine in 2014. December 31, “the speaker” turned 30.

Dozens of people are writing online about Andrew:

“It is not given the horror of what is happening until you start dying your friends. Andrew was a cool dude. A good friend, humane and honest. This will tell anyone who knew him. The head does not fit that he died.”

“Incredibly positive” Speaker “. Always with a smile, with care, with interesting stories. The man who always had a book and a very tasty cooked”.

“Not so long ago in the town we sat with you and you said,” Look around at our fellow human beings and remember – until the end of the year, not all will survive … “Sleep well, brother! Still we are a day closer to victory glory to the heroes! “.

“Narwani, correct, decisive. Humorist. Sometimes, it seemed, could not sit without an action is a minute. He enjoyed life to the full. He graduated from the Seminary, but had the calling of a warrior. Therefore, came to the square to make a revolution”.

“The speaker”, the other, as so … “.

The house was the mother, sister, wife and young daughter.

17 Jan

Sergey “The Shark” Smith

Years: 29

Originally from the village of New Sanzhary, Poltava region



29-year-old Sergey “the Shark” Smith

In the area of ATO on January 17 an unidentified explosive device killed Sergeant of the 54th brigade Sergei Ivanov. The fighter was born 16.11.1988 G. R. – from the village of New Sanzhary in Poltava region.

He was mobilized into the Ukrainian armed forces in 2014, served in the 93rd brigade. In the past year, returned to military service under the contract.

“Sergey Ivanov honorably discharged military and civic duty, protecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine”, – reported on the website of the Poltava regional Council.

In the press center of the ATO headquarters reported that on January 17 during a combat mission in Lugansk direction as a result of blasting technology on an unknown explosive device injuries incompatible with life were received by two members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Five more of our soldiers suffered combat injuries. Their health is satisfactory.

Dmitry Belyaev

Years: 27

Born: Botijeve from the village of Azov district of Zaporozhye region

Left: wife and son


27-year-old Dmitry Belyaev

January 17 near Lugansk fighter killed a 27-year-old Dmitry Belyaev.

Born may 26, 1990, from the village Botijeve Azov district of Zaporozhye region. Soldier 54 mechanized brigade. On the contract to APU in 2016. Was the mechanic-driver battle machine in the 54th brigade.

Legkopodwijnaya tractor (MT-LB) at night drove people to position personnel.

“In the ATO zone technique, generally moves only on roads which are known, because leaving the fields that can be mined, runs the risk to end fatally. However, as the snow fell, the driver could lose his way “the way into a rut” and move to the side, and caused the explosion. Part of the military 54 hombre went upstairs, part of the inside of the truck, ” – said the military.

The driver Dmitry Belyaev and the vehicle commander Sergeant Sergei Ivanov was on the inside, they died.

Dmitri Belyaev had a wife and 6-year-old son.

Michael “Gaydamaka” Dimitrov

Years: 34

Hails from Smila, Cherkasy region

Left: wife, daughter


34-year-old Michael “Gaydamaka” Dimitrov

17 Jan 2018 in a combat zone, killed the mortar Mikhail Dimitrov of Cherkasy region.

Killed in the ATO area near Avdeevka due to severe wounds received on January 16.

Born October 26, 1983, he lived in the town of Smela of Cherkasy region. Studied at National University of food technologies.

At the front in 2014. Fought in the ranks of the DUK “Right sector”, national guard, returned to DUK. Defended the Donetsk airport.

In the area of Avdeevka Michael together with the unit, DUK “SS” Santa “was in the summer.

“The way he worked, first on the head does not fit. From stadmadrid at 500 meters? And something very memorable, late that night,” Gaydamak “brought – allegedly returned, because before that he took, as is often the case , minimatica with advanced foreign the pipeline. was just murdered. “Gaydamak” were very angry. But until recently tried to do a miracle to the pile of iron could be used for other purposes. Is the ability to turn off in itself an ordinary person , with all its claims, images, emotions and just to be a warrior, for whom the main thing – to make his case here and now. Because tomorrow never happens. And so, he did all of this without a contract. Without benefits, salaries, atonic “, – said Lehr Burlakova, granulometric of the volunteer battalion” Donbass “on the page in Facebook.

The house was the daughter, the poster with which the soldier at the front, kept by the bed. “Gaydamak” were different Cossack hat with Shlyk.

Alexander, Chopenko

Years: 48

From: the village Saivka Pyatikhatskogo district of Dnipropetrovsk region

Left: wife, 4 daughters and a son


48-year-old Alexander, Chopenko

January 17, in the Donetsk region as a result of gunshot wounds caused by hostile sniper killed the commander of the branch machine-gun platoon Alexander Chopenko.

Lost fighter 1969, was a resident of the village Saivka Pyatikhatskogo district of Dnepropetrovsk region.

Was killed during the shelling of our positions from the bullet of an enemy sniper the evening of January 17 near the village of Hranitne in Donetsk region.

Sunday, January 21, in the village Saivka said goodbye to the lost soldier.

He is survived by his wife and five children. 4 daughters and a son fighting in the same division, and father.

27 Jan

Miroslav “Monk” Plum

Years: 27

Originally from Polonnoe, Khmelnitsky region

Left: mother


27-year-old Miroslav “Monk” plum

27 Jan bullet of an enemy sniper under Verhnetoretskom killed Ukrainian military Miroslav Slivka.

He was a soldier of the battalion Kulchytsky NSU. A native of the Khmelnytskyi region. Warrior was born in 1990. He graduated from the Zhitomir national ecological University in 2012.

A volunteer went to the front, and in April 2016 signed a contract.CCB senior soldier of the 1st battalion of operational designation of a name of General Kulchytsky. Killed when performing combat tasks in the ATO area.

Stayed at home mom.

Of the deceased soldier buried in the new cemetery of the city Polonne.

30 Jan

Artem Skupeyko

Years: 22

Originally from the village, hornostaivka, Kherson region

Left: mother, grandmother, and younger sister


22-year-old Artem, Skupeyko

30 January Talakovka Donetsk from a sniper’s bullet killed seaman / h 2800 gearcase for Artem Skupeyko.

“Today, January 30, near the village of Talakovka, Donetsk region died from a sniper’s bullet seaman Artem Viktorovich, Skupeika, 1995 year of birth, resident of the urban village, hornostaivka, Kherson oblast, military unit soldier 2800 gearcase for”, – stated in the message of the Kherson Commissariat.

The guy left a mother, grandmother and younger sister.

31 Jan

Ian Poculi

Years: 21

Originally from the village Kalabane the Nikolaev area

Left: parents


21-year-old Yang Poculi

In the battles with Russian mercenaries-terrorists from Avdeevka Donetsk region killed a soldier Ian Poculi.

“January 31, 2018, from severe wounds, incompatible with life, died a soldier of the brigade master gunner Ian Poculi. The soldier was severely wounded during the combat mission due to bilateral fight in combat positions near the settlement of Avdeevka of Donetsk region”, – reported in a 79 – the assault brigade “Nikolaev”.

It is noted that Poculi Kalabane originally from a village in Mykolaiv region. In August, he would have turned 22 years old. From 2016, Poculi have served in the armed forces under contract, and at the end of September 2017 served as part of a separate DSV M. Nikolaev.

The deceased left parents.

Non-combat losses:

Alexander Chepurko

3 Jan

Years: 30

Born: born in the village of Shershentsi Kadomskogo district of Odessa region

Left: the bride, parents


30-year-old Alexander, Chepurko

In the area of fighting 3 Jan killed Ukrainian scout Sergeant Alexander Chepurko. He served in the 28-th separate brigade. He was born July 16, 1987 in the village of Shershentsi Kadomskogo district of Odessa region.

The circumstances of the death of the soldier is unknown. In summary ATO, published this morning, the losses of the 3rd of January was not mentioned. The victim in the Donbass January 3, Sergeant Alexander Chepurko planned to marry the girl, whom he met in the area of ATO.

In Kodymsky district lost scout lived with his parents.

“He made a proposal to the girl from the Donetsk region, was to be a wedding. Father Zagorka – chernobylets, the mother is sick with diabetes and suffering from high blood pressure. We were informed that killed our countryman in the area of ATO. We don’t know the cause of death. This case involved law enforcement agencies – the military Prosecutor’s office and Netpolice. It happened on the second of January in the late evening. We do not disclose information. There are criminal proceedings conducted by the investigating authorities “, – said the head of the Kodyma district of Odessa region Council Gennady Smooth.

Chepurko served under contract in the 28th separate mechanized brigade APU from April 2014. The last time a man lived in Dobroslav Limansky district of Odessa region. The speaker of the defense Ministry ATO Alexander Motuzyanik said that the death of the Ukrainian scout Alexander Chepurko in the area of the ATO is a non-combat loss.

4 Jan



Originally from White Church, Kyiv region


In the area of ATO in the Donbas killed Ukrainian soldier from Bila Tserkva (Kyiv region) with the call sign “Freeman”. This is the third dead Hero from the beginning of 2018.

“We have the 200th. Funeral today, January 4, in the White Church. Rest in peace, friend “Freeman”. Azov, Kulchitsky – Donbass”, – stated in the message.

January 7

Vasily Gryn

Years: 21

Born: Beregovo, S. Batrad ‘ (Transcarpathian region)



21-year-old Vasily Gryn

January 7 Ukrainian soldier 21-year-old Vasily Gryn died from a gunshot wound to the ATO.

“In the zone of the ATO from a gunshot wound killed a soldier from Beregovo, S. Batrad’ (Transcarpathian region). Grin Vasily Sergeyevich (01.01.1997-07.01.2018 R.) memory Eternal hero!”- said the head of the nationalist movement “Carpathian Sich” Taras Deyak.

A week before death, the soldier turned 21.

At the headquarters of ATO information about the death of a soldier confirmed, but stressed that Vasily killed during the fighting.

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8 Jan

Alexander “Balu” Balicki


By birth:



Alexander “Balu” Balicki

Died Ukrainian veteran Alexander Balicki Callsign “Ball”.

“Go” the Ball “(Sanya Balicki), was unable to hold on, to stay here, although it took many there. Why, why, how – we know the answer, but there was nothing to return, do not change”, – wrote the photographer Roman Bazenkov in Facebook.

The veteran was buried 8 Jan.

19 Jan

Vadim “Gah” Gauch

Years: 54

From: Kherson

Left: the daughter, granddaughter


54-year-old Vadim “Gah” Gauch

In the zone of hostilities on the night of 19 January died volunteer Vadim Gauch Callsign “Gah”.

“Tonight stopped the heart of a friend “Gahs”, the glorious fighter of the Ukrainian Volunteer corps” Right sector “. Kherson colleagues on the” Gah “:” her heart failed. Wanted to the front. Not to let. Still went. Happy that can pass on their knowledge and experience in the medical unit, “- said in the” Right sector “.

Familiar fighters from Kherson, said that the cause of death was a heart attack.

In the area of ATO, he went as a paramedic. “Gah” has survived two heart attacks. Fighter backup hundreds of Ukrainian Volunteer corps believed that his knowledge and experience are need to “zero”. To his 55th birthday, he did not live a month.

He is survived by his daughter and granddaughter.

25 Jan

Anton Ruban

Years: 22

Hailing from Cherkasy region

Left: parents


22-year-old Anton Ruban

On 25 January, 22-year-old soldier of the National guard of Ukraine has committed suicide during the protection of the building of Appellate court of the city of Severodonetsk of the Luhansk region.

Parents and friends of the deceased in Severodonetsk, Luhansk natsgvardia 22-year-old Anton Ruban not believe in his suicide.

They say that he is on the phone complained about the “bullying”, but out of fear never named names of offenders. According to the father of the deceased Paul Ruban, Anton told me about how the company commander over the military and bullying younger and often beat them. The man believes that there is a murder or incitement to suicide.

It is known that man is a native of Cherkasy region, served under contract in the area of ATO in the line of fire was not.

“Forgive me, old fool. In these conditions will not survive. I apologize to parents and colleagues,” wrote 22-year-old natshvardiyets, in a suicide note.

A friend of the deceased Alexander noted that the death of Anton could not be a suicide. A few days before his death he talked on the phone about the conflict that happened between him and a senior colleague. Alexander is confident that his second killed.

One Ukrainian soldier was killed and two were battle injuries in the East of Ukraine on January 31. Russian-backed militants carried out 5 attacks of positions of forces of ATO. Fire fighters were at the Novoaleksandrovka, Villages Lugansk, Avdeevka and Pavlopol.