Shoot day and night, showed footage of the Ukrainian army liberated the village

Photo: Lana Borisova

In the Ukrainian army liberated the village of Novoaleksandrovka in the Luhansk region have less than 20 residents that the military help.

Photos sat on the page in Facebook was published by the head of the press center otoo “Lugansk” Lana Borisova.

The village is not gasified, since the summer of 2014 – is de-energized. According to the Ukrainian census of population in 2001 lived in the village 124.

“In the village we went a few days ago. The enemy, of course, from time to time trying to regain. Work during the day and snipers and other small arms, at night, sometimes postrelivat from heavy machine guns. But we have already seized this piece of land, because it’s a piece of our land. So we move on slowly, but not stopping,” said stationed in the village of soldier.

From 2015 until the liberation of the outskirts of the village was the extreme positions of the APU on the one hand and militants on the other.

The Ukrainian army managed to take control of the village Ekaterinovka in the Luhansk region. This was reported by the volunteer Yury Misyagin.