Showed the cargo ship “Berg”, which sank off the coast of the Crimea

Photo: Crimea.inform

The so-called “head” of the occupied Crimea Sergey Aksenov urged relevant agencies to take measures to prevent ecological catastrophe after the accident the Turkish cargo ship in the Black sea.

It is reported by Pro site “Crimea.inform.”

“All the relevant ministries and departments should take the necessary measures to prevent the environmental disaster associated with the possible leakage of fuel from the ship” Berg, which is located four kilometers from shore in the area of Feodosia Bay”, the report said.

It is noted that in the case of a cargo ship found three holes, below the waterline.

“On Board is 47.7 tons of diesel fuel and motor oil, which in the case of flooding of a vessel can lead to emergency situations and pollution of the waters of the Gulf of Feodosia,” – said Aksenov.

The Moldovan cargo ship “Berg” received damage to the body in the Black sea near the Crimea. In the emergency region reported that the ship followed under the Moldovan flag. The crew of 12 people consists of citizens of Ukraine and Azerbaijan. The vessel is owned by a Turkish shipping company. The cargo vessel is over 3,000 tons.