The Cabinet deny: “Taxes today, not stifle employers”

Today taxes are not strangling business, and employers will still have to raise the salary to workers, says social policy Minister Andriy Reva. Photo: UNIAN

The current taxes are not strangling business, and employers will still have to increase the salaries of workers, otherwise those will just go abroad.

This was stated by Minister of social policy Andrei Reva on the air “112 Ukraine”

“But why leave (the Ukrainians to work. – There is more pay. If you want to stay in Ukraine, they need to pay more. That’s all,” he said.

Reva said that “the public sector constantly increase payments”. “Last year teachers have increased by 50%, another 25%”, – he said.

“With regard to the non-budgetary sphere, it is the responsibility of employers. And they already face a situation where skilled workers to hire it is impossible. Because the level of wages they offer are not satisfied skilled worker. They are massively going abroad.

If not change the policy on wages from our employers, it’s all spread and not qualified workers,” continued Roar.

The Minister said that employers will still have to raise the salary in “an emergency order”.

“If we talk about the tax burden, the payroll in 2016, the unified social contribution was reduced by 40%. And to say that today, the taxes have strangled our employers, it would be an exaggeration,” said Reva.

The Minister pointed to neighboring Poland.

“The structure of the product of the Polish wages is almost 50%, and we have more than 10%. So their profits need to share a little bit and raise wages,” added Reva.

2018 expect another increase in the minimum wage. Since January 1, it rose to UAH 3723. The following increase – 4100 UAH.