The former prisoner told how the militants DNR conducted “courts”

Ex-prisoner of militants Igor Kozlovsky told how to spend “courts” in the DNI. Photo: Styler – RBC-Ukraine

In the so-called “legislative acts” of a terrorist organization DNR many contradictions.

This was told released from captivity of militants of the religious scientist Igor Kozlovsky in an interview with “Apostrophe”.

“Open them” Constitution “and read that a person can be arrested for “judgment”. Everyone with whom I was sitting, everything was not arrested for “judgment”. The man was arrested, “MGB”, and “Prosecutor’s office” prepares the documents, but “the court’s decision” to arrest was not. Therefore, any arrest, any “sentence”, even from their point of view, is a violation, even according to their so-called “legal system”, – said Kozlovsky.

According to him, there is the so-called “defenders”, but they are limited in their actions.

“As if someone tried, if the decision is made from above and launched on a “trial”, which is controlled by, dependent, “the court” will implement the decision. There is a “trial” is not a branch of government. I heard the judge said there was nothing he could do – he instructed. When I recorded all the moments related to the fact that I am the legal guardian of his son, who is a disabled person, I have scientific merit, it is written: all not taken in to consideration when sentencing. I was tried “by the military Tribunal of the Supreme court,” he recalls.

The ex-prisoner said that when the judge, hiding his eyes, the guilty verdict was read, it was clear that she is also afraid.

“What kind of” legal system “can be discussed? People there defenseless,” he added.

27 December 2017 took place the exchange of prisoners between the Ukrainian side and militants ORDO. During the exchange released 74 Ukrainian.

The Ukrainians, who on December 27 released from the captivity of militants, still have not received the promised financial compensation from the country. Some ex-prisoners are unable even to recover their documents.