The immigrant told how you saved the business from separatists

Photo: Courtesy Of Valentin Pashko

Migrant from Donetsk restored the business of professional dry cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture in Kiev. In addition to specialized equipment and detergents needed storage room for storing equipment and a car to go to work to customers.

About it says Donetsk Valentin Pashko that in 2015 he moved to Kiev. First, he got a job as a sales Manager, and in March of 2017 decided to rebuild the business.

“Studied Kyiv cleaning market. We stopped at the dry cleaning of furniture and carpets. This is where we started in Donetsk, and he does best. And there will always be work, indeed, many hotels, cafes, offices and premises there is upholstered furniture and carpets, – tells Valentine, – the equipment taken out gradually from Donetsk in a disassembled state. At the checkpoint said it was a normal vacuum cleaner. In Kiev I had to update the Arsenal of equipment and reagents”.

Minimum order for a travel team cleaning company “Fresh House” – 600 UAH. This price includes equipment selection and detergent according to pollution, travel team of two professionals, a job and a half to two hours. A day can perform 3-5 orders. It all depends on the volume of work, complexity of pollution and logistics. Half of the time can take the road to Kiev. Winter orders less season – spring-summer.

Author: Valentin Pashko

Wealthy people can sit on the Italian sofa which is not visible colors

“I noticed that in Kiev the furniture people dirtier. Moreover, this situation does not depend on the level of income. Can sit on the Italian sofa which is not visible colors. We don’t wear the same shirt for 10 years without washing. Same situation with furniture on which you sit, – says Valentin, Kiev is Also very busy, spend less time for live communication. Corporate clients denied meeting for demonstration. Often can’t even send a photo of the sofa with pollution or tell about the origin of the spots. But it’s important to know in advance. If the stain is from food – this is one if the ink from another. From this also depends on what equipment and detergents to use to get maximum results from a cleaning and not to harm products.”

Professional hypoallergenic detergents for removing a variety of spots to buy from representatives of the American brand in Ukraine. Liter bottle can cost up to 1000 UAH. It is enough for 7-10 times.

Author: Valentin Pashko

Cleaning the couch is from 600 UAH

“We have powerful equipment which is not possessed by every competitor. For example, the cleaned carpet made of camel wool, which does not come from other companies, – said Valentin, Cleaned the sofa, which the client brought back from Germany. Where people just lie in the street of unnecessary things and they can take any. Sofa customs clearance at the Ukrainian border for 400 UAH. The living space was not. There was only one propylene, which learned it after cleaning. Job cost 2500 UAH, which is significantly cheaper than buying new.”

Customers are attracted through Internet advertising, social networks. Now created a website and a page on Facebook. Valentine plans to further develop the brand Fresh House and status to attract commercial customers.

In Donetsk, Valentin Pasko for more than seven years worked in the cleaning industry, including the three – headed his own firm. The company was engaged in cleaning of offices and apartments, building exteriors and Windows, as well as dry cleaning. Among the clients was the hotel Donbass Palace, Donbass arena, chain stores. In the state worked up to 10 people. In 2014, the Valentine family moved to Zaporizhia, and a year in Kiev.

The state has still not offered any programs that would help to solve the housing problem of displaced persons. At the moment they are officially registered almost half a million